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SCAPP Congratulates our Accredited Members!

October 2022

SCAPP are delighted to announce the following members have been successful in achieving accreditation in the Pilot of the Scottish Widening Access and Participation Professional Standards Framework and Accreditation Scheme, at the following levels:

Amy McDermott – Practitioner
Ann Playford – Practitioner
Daniella Gash – Affiliate
Jackie Smith – Practitioner
Lidia Dancu – Practitioner
Lorna Lamont – Affiliate
Morag Anderson – Affiliate
Nicola Kennedy – Practitioner
Paula Christie – Practitioner

This is a brilliant achievement, and is credit to the hard work and dedication of these professionals. We know you’ll join us in congratulating our colleagues!

Many thanks to our Peer Reviewers: Amanda Baldwin, Alice Smith, Andrew Comrie, Gill Ryan and Peter Tormey for their work reviewing and providing feedback.

And thank you to the Support Managers, for supporting these members to work towards Accreditation.

Evaluation of the Pilot is now complete, and discussions are underway for Phase 2 of the Accreditation Scheme. We will share this news with our SCAPP members once finalised.

Pilot Accreditation Scheme

Launch of Scottish Widening Access and Participation Professional Standards Framework and Accreditation Scheme 2021-2022

Following significant work towards the development and preparation for the SCAPP Scottish Widening Access and Participation Professional Framework and Accreditation Scheme, the pilot phase of the Scheme has been launched and we are inviting applications to both participate as an applicant to the Accreditation Scheme or to be a Peer Reviewer.

Accreditation Scheme applications

There will be three levels of accreditation – Affiliate, Practitioner and Leadership
We are looking for 10 participants to submit a portfolio of evidence across the following levels:

  • 2 Affiliate, 5 Practitioner, 3 Leadership with a minimum of 1 each from the College, School, voluntary/third and HEI Sectors

All SCAPP member organisations or individual members may submit one application to the pilot, noting that all applications will be subject to scrutiny by a review panel and that there are only 10 places available in the pilot as outlined above.

Those applicants that satisfy the application selection criteria but who are not offered a place on the pilot, will be held in reserve and offered a place should the scheme continue beyond the pilot, subject to demand, without having to re-apply.

Cost and Commitment

There will be no charge to institutions/individuals participating in the pilot. However, a ‘contribution in kind’ commitment will be required by the Institution/organisation and individual and this should be taken into account in instances where a member of staff is applying from an institution as part of a team or department.  Support will be provided for those participating in the pilot and further details will be provided.  Pilot applicants will be asked to participate in an evaluation of the Scheme with an external evaluator.

Peer Reviewer Applications

We are looking to build a pool of 10 peer reviewers in the first instance. Peer reviewers will be selected on the basis of their experience and varied roles within WA & WP.  Peer reviewer applications will be reviewed by a minimum of three members of SCAPP’s Learning and Development Sub-group who will make recommendations to the SCAPP Steering Group (via Chairs action if required) for approval.

Further information and applications

We are asking all potential applicants for the Accreditation Scheme or to be a Peer Reviewer to complete an application form. The information provided will help us select participants for the pilot as outlined above.

Please email Muriel Alexander at if you wish to apply, indicating whether you are applying for the Accreditation Scheme Pilot or to be a Peer Reviewer in your email.

The closing date for applications for both the Accreditation Scheme and to be a Peer Reviewer will be 1 October 2021

Please contact Muriel Alexander at if you require further information at this stage.

Pilot Update March 2022

SCAPP Pilot is underway for 2021 – 2022

Following a promotion and application process for the pilot of the Accreditation Scheme, we now have eleven participants who have been selected for the pilot:  – three 3 at Affiliate Level, 7 at Practitioner Level and 1 at Leadership level.

Induction for Participants took place in December 2021 and Help Hub sessions are being held throughout the pilot phase.  An information session was held in January for support managers of the participants to ensure that were clear about their role in supporting and guiding them.

A Writing Workshop was held at the University of Stirling at the end of February, bringing everyone together for the first time – a most enjoyable and productive afternoon in spite of terrible weather conditions.

Participants are well on their way to collating their reflective analysis as part of their portfolio.

We plan to evaluate the Scheme to inform its future development and shape.

For further information contact