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Toolkit Webinars

Toolkit Webinars

Webinar programme:

1. Using the Toolkit for Fair Access

This webinar introduces viewers to the Scottish Toolkit for Fair Access. We explain the background and purpose of the Toolkit before taking you on a tour of the website and the resources available to help you plan and evaluate your activities. We also outline what SCAPP – Scotland’s Community of Access and Participation Practitioners – is and how it can support you in your work.

You can access Webinar 1 here


2. Assessing evidence for the Toolkit
In this webinar the team who developed the Toolkit for Fair Access explain how they identified and assessed the evidence included in the Toolkit. Watching the webinar will help you understand more about the purpose of different types of evaluation and standard of evidence required for it to be included in the Toolkit.

You can access Webinar 2 here

3. Planning your evaluation

This webinar will help you to plan your evaluation in a structured and systematic way. It outlines the issues you’ll need to consider at the planning stage and the importance of developing a proportionate approach. It also explains how a Theory of Change can help inform your evaluation framework and how you can summarise your theory in a logic model.

You can access Webinar 3 here 

Here are links for the script for the presentation together with a template for the Logic model which is discussed in this webinar

4.  Selecting an appropriate method for your evaluation

This webinar will help you to select the best methods for your own evaluations and increase your confidence in your results. It talks you through the different types of research methods, the types of data they generate and the claims that can be made on the basis of the evidence they produce. We focus on evidencing causality through your evaluation and share our learning on running an RCT.

You can access Webinar 4 here

5. Sharing your findings – writing up and disseminating the results of your evaluation

The final webinar in the series is designed to help you communicate your evaluation findings effectively and achieve maximum impact. It identifies the things you need to include in the write-up of your findings, particularly if you would like your work to be included in the Toolkit in the future, and provides tips on ‘dos and don’ts’ when presenting data.

Access Webinar 5 here

Here are links for the script for the presentation together with Further Reading