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We try to make our site accessible to as many users as possible and to comply with ‘AA’ level of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

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Use the TAB key to move around the navigation menus. Use the down arrow key to open up a menu and then use the arrow keys to move around the menu’s links. Open a link with the Return key.

Customising your own computer

The Web Accessibility Initiatve (WAI) provides guidance on how to customise your particular browser and computer for better web browsing:

Accessibility toolbars 

A number of open source accessibility toolbars are available to help you set how you want to view web pages. Please note that these are third party tools and the owners of this website have no responsibility or control over them.

Web browsers

You should upgrade to the most recent version of your preferred browser (all free upgrades).

Browser accessibility support

Further information

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