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Widening Participation Evaluation Guide

Widening Participation Evaluation Guide:

Designed and delivered by Dr Karen Campbell, Consultant Researcher and Alison Browitt, Research Associate, University of Glasgow – and working collaboratively with support from  SCAPP’s Evaluation and Research Working Group –   this guide provides a practical “how to” and “What to Remember” guide, with guidance on evaluating access and widening participation (WP) initiatives, programmes and projects for practitioners engaged in Widening Access and Widening Participation activity who wish to identify the extent to which their delivery is working well, to identify any gaps for enhancement and future development of their programmes with  key stakeholders and funding bodies in mind. The evaluation guidance is placed within the Scottish WP context where the policy drivers to demonstrate evidence of impact are clear.

The guide is aimed at busy practitioners without a background in education research working in schools, colleges, universities or the third sector, and offers practical tips and key considerations to bear in mind when developing an evaluation in order to plan and conduct evaluation from the onset of their widening participation interventions, or to enhance the evaluation of existing interventions.

The guide is available in a web-based format to allow users to move to the area of interest to them rather than reading consecutively from end to end, making it easy to use and access. There are links to useful tools and resources throughout the guide.

The guide will work in tandem with a forthcoming SCAPP Networking and Expertise Directory which we will be launching shortly.

You can find this guide here:

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We would be interested and would appreciate any feedback on your experience and use of this guide to gauge its relevance, accessibility and usefulness.

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This guide was launched at an event on 17 May.

You can find a recording of the event here


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