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WP Evaluation Matters Community of Practice

The 2023 SCAPP Widening Participation Evaluation Matters Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who carried out an evaluation during 2023, on a Scottish Widening Access or Widening Participation project or programme. Throughout the CoP the participants learned more about evaluation practices through shared experience and a programme of guest presenters, information sessions and training events. These took place in-person and online. 

The CoP Launched in December 2022, with a fixed-term of one year as a pilot programme. 

To conclude the CoP, participants produced Case Studies of their Evaluation Projects, and a Collaborative Report reflecting on their project using a stage of the Evaluation Cycle. 

These outputs were shared and discussed at a Sharing Event in March 2024, alongside the results of an evaluation of this CoP. 

SCAPP remains committed to support the building of effective evaluation practice in Widening Access and Widening Participation in Scotland and is working with sector colleagues and partners to determine the next steps following this CoP. 

Case Studies and Collaborative Report

WP Evaluation Matters Collaborative Report on the Evaluation Cycle 


Case Studies: 

Glasgow Caledonian University | GCU Connect  

LEAPS | LEAPS Pre-UCAS Interviews  

LEAPS | LEAPS Transitions Course  

LIFT OFF | LIFT OFF Data Project 

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland | RCS Fair Access Evaluation Project 

University of Aberdeen | Reach Aberdeen Law 

University of Glasgow | Access to HE – Skills, Support and Progression Evaluation 

University of Strathclyde | Young Strathclyder P6 & P7 Programme Pilot 


Thank you to all CoP members who contributed to, produced and edited these case studies and report. 

With thanks to

SCAPP would like to thank the professionals who supported this CoP and provided their time and expertise: 



Alison Browitt, University of Glasgow 

Jennie Younger, LEAPS 


Guest Presenters: 

Al Blackshaw, University of Strathclyde 

Alison Browitt, University of Glasgow 

Annette Hayton, University of Bath 

Dr Cathy Stone, University of Newcastle (Australia) 

Greg Brown, University of Glasgow 

Dr Laurence Lasselle, University of St Andrews 

Prof. Liz Austen, Sheffield Hallam University 

Prof. Stella Devitt-Jones, Staffordshire University 


Participants and contributors in this CoP came from the following organisations and institutions: 

Glasgow Caledonian University 



Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 

University of Aberdeen 

University of Edinburgh 

University of Glasgow 

University of St Andrews 

University of Strathclyde 


Evaluation of the CoP: 

Conducted by Alison Browitt, Dr Karen Campbell and Jennie Younger.