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An estranged student is someone who no longer has the support of their family due to a breakdown in family relations leading to ceased or sporadic contact.

o They have no experience of being in care and do not have a corporate parent or a local authority responsible for them. It is for this reason that they are not care experienced.
o They are also distinct from independent students as they are permanently estranged from their families

Estrangement can occur for a wide variety of reasons such as abuse and neglect, rejection of LGBT+ identities, clash in personal values, clash of religious values and substance abuse.

These students report the following hardships

o Financial difficulties
o Difficulty in securing accommodation due to guarantor requirements
o Lack of a sense of belonging
o Mental ill-health
o Homelessness
o Disruption to studies

Universities and colleges can support these students in the following ways
o Offer a named point of contact to support the student both during their application and throughout the duration of their studies
o Provide 365 day accommodation in halls of residence to relieve some of the concerns about experiencing homelessness in the summer months
o Dedicated bursaries and scholarships to ensure that students are financially supported
o Creation of accessible guarantor schemes to allow students to have the flexibility of living in privately rented accommodation if they wish.

The lack of a parental guarantor is a crucial barrier to this for students studying without parental supporto Signposting students to appropriate support where needed such as university counselling services

Useful Resources and Contacts

Standalone is a national organisation which supports people who are estranged from their family or children. Their primary objective is to break down the stigma around estrangement and support estranged people in their daily lives.
o Contact Details
 34B York Way
N1 9AB

Unite Foundation provides scholarships and free accommodation for partner universities
o Contact details
o 0117 302 7073
• SAAS Student Awards Agency for Scotland provides information about funding and support available
Contact form
The Buttle Trust offers grants for estranged young people to purchase various essential items to aid them throughout their studies. However, this must be applied for through a support worker or university/ college contact
o Contact details
 0141 778 2839

Network Group

If you would like to be part of a network and interest group to share experience, examine issues and challenges and develop appropriate best practice resources, please contact