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SCAPP Learning & Development Working Group

Role and Remit:

To establish from the SCAPP community the professional values, competencies and standards expected from widening access and participation practitioners

To establish learning and CPD needs from within the Widening Participation community and identity and develop appropriate provision utilising expertise of community members and other external providers where required

To explore and establish appropriate learning and CPD opportunities available from providers which could be accessed by Widening Participation practitioners

To establish a framework structure for the recording of appropriate and relevant learning and training to enable formal recognition and accreditation

To establish the expertise which currently exists in order to develop and then deliver appropriate learning and training opportunities from within the community

To assist with the effective promotion of all learning opportunities across the community

To identify opportunities for appropriate networking events

Members of Group

Muriel Alexander, SCAPP

Alice Smith, LEAPS (Group Chair)

Amanda Baldwin, FocusWest

Neil Hutcheon, SWAPEast

Gill Ryan, Open University Scotland

Elsbeth Neil, ASPIRENorth

Andrew Comrie, Royal Conservatoire Scotland

Neil Croll, University of Glasgow