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Publications from Scotland's Commissioner for Fair Access

The Commissioners for Fair Access Professor John McKendrick, and previously Sir Peter Scott, have published a number of short papers on issues pertinent to access, as well as three annual reports:


Annual Reports: Sir Peter Scott

First Annual Report: Laying the Foundations for Fair Access | December 2017

Second Annual Report: Building on Progress Towards Fair Access | June 2019

Third Annual Report: Fair Access to Higher Education: Progress and Challenges | June 2020

Fourth Annual Report: Re-committing to Fair Access: A Plan for Recovery  | June 2021

The Commissioner’s fifth report  “Maintaining the Momentum towards Fair Access” | May 2022


Annual Reports: Professor John McKendrick:

Renewing the Alliance for Fair Access | January 2024

Professor McKendrick makes 20 recommendations and outlines his ten priorities for 2024.

Coverage of his report can also be found in WonkheTimes Higher Education SupplementThe Herald, and Times Education Supplement


Other reports by the Commissioner for Fair Access 2017 – 2020:

Access to Postgraduate Study: Representation and Destinations: Discussion Paper| January 2020

The Impact of Covid-19 on Fair Access to Higher Education | December 2020

Disabled Students at University: Discussion Paper | February 2019

HESA Entrant Statistics 2017-2018: Commissioner for Fair Access Statement | January 2019

Retention, Outcomes and Destinations: Discussion Paper | January 2018

Laying the Foundations for Fair Access: Annual Report 2017 from the Commissioner for Fair Access | December 2017

League Tables: Discussion Paper | November 2017

Contextual Higher Education Admissions: Discussion Paper | June 2017

University and College Admissions, Offers and Acceptances: Discussion Paper | June 2017

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