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• HEI’s should apply regulations of tuition fees fairly and consistently
o Refugee students must be given clear information about financial support to which they will be entitled to
• A student’s entitlement to SAAS is dependent on a student’s status
o Those with Humanitarian Protection/ Leave to Remain are usually entitled to the same fees as Scottish students
o It is also important to recognise that in some circumstances is it possible for a student’s status to change throughout their studies

• Financial Support/ Hardship Resources
o Those entitled to home fees will be able to apply for SAAS funded discretionary funds
o Prospective refugee students may also require advice regarding benefit entitlement
o It is also important to note the possible impact that additional financial support can have on the student’s entitlement to other sources of financial support
Asylum Seekers
• An asylum seeker is someone who is in Scotland (either recently arrived or have been residing in Scotland for a length of time)
• They are not entitled to tuition fee support/ living cost support from SAAS in the same way that refugees are
o They may be subsequently charged the same tuition fees as international students
o If the asylum seeker is granted refugee status, Humanitarian Protection or Leave to Remain, they will become eligible for home fees and SAAS support

• While FE/HE institutions may not be adequately equipped with knowledge about this topic, they may be able to help a student access a suitable legal representative

Key Challenges

• Financial Hardships
o Due to ineligibility for SAAS and other key routes of student financial support

• Information and Advice
o Due to the lack of familiarity with further and higher education institutions in Scotland, applications processes can be daunting and challenging to navigate. This is particularly significant if the student has suffered from a lack of guidance.
o This is often the case in schools and colleges as they are not adequately equipped with information due to the complex nature of the issue

• Health and Wellbeing


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